About Ryecast

The Ryecast service is provided by Ryerson University's Computing and Communications Services. Ryecast can be used to provide live lecture, seminar, and event broadcasts as well as provide a home for streaming video and audio on demand.

To learn more about what Ryecast can do for you, see the Ryecast page on the CCS website.

Upload Your Content to Ryecast

If you already have a video created and would like to share it on Ryecast, we can provide you access to do this. Examples of these include a narrated lecture slides and a screen capture on how to do something in a particular software.

Currently the uploader works for the following:

Video Codec: h.264
Video Formats: .mp4, .flv, .f4v, .m4v, .mov
Bitrate: 150-4000 kbps

Fill out this Help Request form with the channel and/or folder you want to upload to.