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Ryerson Library and Archives 1/31/2017 36 views
M. Juliana Carvalho 1/30/2017 3 views
OCUL Resource Sharing Group 5/27/2016 88 views
Please note: This is the first half of a hands-on workshop. The Tableau practice portion was not recorded. Some audience questions are also not captured in the…
Jeremy Buhler and Kathleen Reed 10/16/2015 80 views
10/16/2015 85 views
4/3/2013 53 views Password Protected
Dana, Jane, Naomi, Trina 4/22/2010 29 views Password Protected
Dr. Karen Bordonaro 4/21/2010 38 views Password Protected
Peter Hickey 11/5/2009 99 views Password Protected

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