My Road to Healing as a Residential School Warrior

[Introduced by] President Mohamed Lachemie; [Keynote Speaker] Chancellor Shirley Cheechoo
Thursday, May 10, 2018, 8:51 AM

As a member of the Cree Nation, I was born in Eastman, Quebec, and moved to Moose Factory, Ontario when I was a young girl. It was there that I was separated from my family and sent to several residential schools in Northern and Southern Ontario. Presently, I continue to use artistic expression as a way to channel my past experiences in-and-out of the residential school system. Healing from these experiences has been a personal lifelong journey, but it is artistic expression, which has had the most significance and influence of who and where I am today. I have been working to tell the truth and find some reconciliation not only for myself, but for others who have journeyed the same past of abuse and challenges that we were forced to try and overcome living in discomfort not knowing which side of the fence you are in most of your day to day life. I made a promise to myself that I would try and help our youth not to experience what I have and founded to companies “De-ba-jeh-mu-jig Theatre Group and Weengushk Film Institute.


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