White Privilege vs. White Supremacy

[Introduced by] Dr. Dolana Mogadime; [Keynote Speaker] Desmond Cole
Friday, May 11, 2018, 8:51 AM

This cross generational conversation with activist Desmond Cole will cover topics related to the Civil Rights, Black Lives Matter, Discrimination, Racism, Anti Blackness, White Supremacy, White Privilege. Both panelists offer global knowledge and experience related important issues and experiences ranging from the 60’s to 2018 and beyond. Activism is located at the cross roads of educational institutions and communities. The panelists will identify some of the key strategies and strength that regenerate social justice movements. The intergenerational conversation will provide insight into how the conference audience can infuse a semblance of coherence and strength that can be used to galvanize the growing diverse network of activists, scholars (social justice researchers) artists, social entrepreneurs, and media talent. Furthermore, using their grounded experiences they provide support in understanding coalition building, the development of grassroots campaigns, and the connection to social justice education and training for advancing the work that is being done.


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