The Decolonization Series: Those who are helpers/staff

Monica McKay (Director of Aboriginal Initiatives, Ryerson University); Amy Desjarlais (FNTI Coordinator, Ryerson University); Diane Simone (Aboriginal Learning Support Facilitator and Instructor, Ryerson University); and Serena Johnson (Writer, Editor and Educator in Student Affairs, Special Projects/Storytelling, Ryerson University)
Wednesday, April 17, 2019, 2:34 PM

The last panel of our four part series focuses on Ryerson’s Indigenous staff. Often, Indigenous staff get the brunt of having to educate colleagues about why it’s important to decolonize our work. Indigenous staff also experience a lack of resources to support this work. We will hear how they’ve integrated decolonizing into their work on campus. We will also learn why collaboration is critical, and how working together benefits the entire Ryerson community. Monica McKay (Director of Aboriginal Initiatives, Ryerson University) moderated the discussion.



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