Soup and Substance: Making Mad Studies: Process, Practice and Contestations - April 29 2015

Moderator: Denise O’Neil Green, Assistant Vice-President/Vice-Provost Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Wednesday, April 29, 2015, 12:07 PM

Mad Studies challenges us to think beyond mainstream notions of what is considered "mental illness." Based on social justice education, panelists will discuss the history of psychiatry and mental illness with a focus on the lived experiences of individuals. Drawing from Disability Studies and Social Work, panelists will explore the historical roots of this field, curriculum and teaching strategies, and how students respond to mad positive academic spaces. Panelist: Dr. Kathryn Church (Professor and Director, School of Disability Studies), Dr. Jennifer Poole (Professor, School of Social Work), Jijian Voronka (Instructor, School of Disability Studies)


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